Parrish loves working with Sheriff Stilinski. He’s an amazing mentor, a great man, and Parrish trusts him with his life (and has tested that trust on more than one occasion). But there are still some things he knows he shouldn’t share.

Like the fact that the Sheriff’s teenage son is currently developing strong feelings for the brooding, “wanted for murder on multiple occasions” werewolf six years his senior. Like the fact that they’re going to get together officially within the next six months, are going to get married (“mated, Stiles”) four years after that, and have a son (biologically Stiles’) who will want nothing more than to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps in the police department.

…Like the fact that time travel is absolutely real, and Parrish Stilinski-Hale might have made use of it for the opportunity to learn from his grandfather in the days before the heart attack claimed him.

There are some things the Sheriff really doesn’t need to know.

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"back to the future"
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this has to be one of my most favorite of teen wolf prompts <3 (and it’s a bonus because sterek! :D)

Many people who read Teen Wolf fanfic before watching the show (and trust me, there are a lot of them) end up feeling confused because fanfic is so different from what actually appears onscreen. In season 1, Stiles and Derek only interact a handful of times, and Derek has a relatively minor role. Most of the characters dislike and distrust each other (rather than being the happy werewolf pack you’ll find in fanfic), and the primary focus of the first season is the romance between actual teen wolf Scott, and his girlfriend Allison. The biggest surprise comes when you realize that Stiles is not the main character.

I was one of those people! (:
I accidentally stumbled across a sterek story while I was searching for another fanfic. I found my new love, no offense to hellsing of course.
I probably read teen wolf fanfiction for at least 2 months before even watching a trailer of teen wolf.